Our ESG commitment for a better tomorrow

Tech for Good: Pioneering ESG Practices

As a tech company, we prioritize ESG values in our approach. We actively support gender equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, collaborating with non-profits for positive impact.

Committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, we invest in green technologies. Our goal is to seamlessly merge business success with social responsibility, leading the way in responsible ESG practices within our industry.

Empowering Equality: GMS's Commitment to Diversity and Equality

The values of equality, diversity and inclusion are one of our priorities within the scope of Corporate and Social Responsibility, but also among the leaders of different areas and departments.

Therefore, this plan for equality aims to guarantee the implementation and promotion of best practices, as well as publicly making GMS’s commitment to the topic and constantly monitoring and improving the objectives and expected results.

Our Alliance

As part of this mission, we have established a partnership with Tree Nation, contributing to reforestation and the fight against climate change. Our alliance reflects our commitment to corporate responsibility and preserving the environment for future generations.

Report 2022